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Robotic Integrators is a company dedicated to help clients to find the best systems integrates and robotics services close to them. If you are a robot integrator can you submit your information and when we have an enquiry we will forward to you the client's request or the client can contact you directly. Also, when an integrator is registered, a new dot in the world map will be added where the system integrator is located. In this list you will find the best professional in the robotic field.

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KUKA robot sale - KUKA Kr210/2 krc2 Ed.05

Material Handling Robot Applications

Industrial Machinery

Pol. Ugaldeguren III, nÂș 32, Pab 1

2015-04-24 14:48:29

Robot fully tested and revised. Great conditions!

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Fanuc R2000iA 165



2015-04-23 16:52:32

Fanuc robot with 165kg payload and 26500 arm reach.

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